We Built This Frame



Last night my father and I milled up this profile, cut the miters, and glued up this picture frame for my current work-in-progress painting.  I started priming it this morning, and it should be ready in time to bring it to receiving day at Art Center Sarasota on Tuesday.  Now all I have to do is finish the painting itself!

The frame is made from poplar, it started out as a rough cut 1′x12′ x 6/4″ plank.

Two Days Until Deadline



With two days left on the clock, I feel confident that the painting will be finished in time, but this leaves no room for slacking when it comes to building the frame.  I’m painting during the day, and woodworking in the evenings to make this happen.  Since the last post, I’ve repainted the sky, the line of trees on the horizon, a portion of the boneyard, the fence, and the foreground plants.  I’ll finish the boneyard yet today, and save the last pass on the children for tomorrow.

There’s something about fences.  They surround us, keeping some of us in, and others out.  Some of them are famous, while most are fairly anonymous.  This is the second painting that I’ve done that heavily features a fence dividing the composition in two.  Typically and by design, they aren’t all that interesting to look at, but as a concept, I find them fascinating.

Process Day Two (We Built This City)

Process Day Two (We Built This City)


Lunch break on day two, and the figures have had a second pass, as well as a portion of the boneyard, and I’ve begun to add some of the underbrush in the foreground.  The juxtaposition between the park-like setting with the children at play versus the rotting heavy equipment on the far side of the fence is beginning to work quite well.  The “city” in the title, “We Built This City,” is nowhere in site, and I’m hoping the viewer will consider the city they are currently in as the subject of the painting.  The children are unaware of the possible dangerous situation they are in, and are pleasantly engaged in playtime activity, mimicking the work of the heavy equipment that built their infrastructure, long ago in a previous generation.  This evening I’ll start milling a profile for the frame this painting will be presented in.

Innaugural Post

My name is Mike Yoder, and I’m an artist.  On this site, I will document my process, as well as catalog my finished paintings.  I paint with acrylic on canvas, and I’ve been at it for a dozen years, starting with my time in the Fine Arts department at Ringling School of Art and Design.  Please feel free to contact me with questions about my process, or inquiries about commissions.



-Mike Yoder