Two Days Until Deadline



With two days left on the clock, I feel confident that the painting will be finished in time, but this leaves no room for slacking when it comes to building the frame.  I’m painting during the day, and woodworking in the evenings to make this happen.  Since the last post, I’ve repainted the sky, the line of trees on the horizon, a portion of the boneyard, the fence, and the foreground plants.  I’ll finish the boneyard yet today, and save the last pass on the children for tomorrow.

There’s something about fences.  They surround us, keeping some of us in, and others out.  Some of them are famous, while most are fairly anonymous.  This is the second painting that I’ve done that heavily features a fence dividing the composition in two.  Typically and by design, they aren’t all that interesting to look at, but as a concept, I find them fascinating.

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